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Things to Consider While Planning and Designing A School Building

A school design needs a lot of planning and thinking before the actual construction work begins. Read this if you are in the process of developing school in your area.

  • Before you start your planning, you must know the master plan of your site so that your school building may not obstruct the public movement in that area. Architecture must be hired who will initiate discussion with the teachers to get their suggestions.
  • Make sure that the site where you are doing school construction must be little higher level so that there should not be any water logging during rainy seasons. Proper drainage system also must be planned.

  • Choose the location in such an area, where there is not too much of traffic movement and students can freely move in or move out.
  • Always start your school building as a single storey building however provision must be provided so that in future it can be extended further to the next floor construction.
  • Make sure that the school building must face the south direction so that sufficient sun light is available during winter season. Also, ensure that there is sufficient circulation of air within the building.
  • Since, in the school large number of children will spend their time and hence it is necessary that arrangements must be available for the following:
  • Toilets
  • Common room
  • Refreshment room
  • Retiring room for girl students
  • Teachers rest room
  • Reading room or library
  • Visitor’s room
  • Office room
  • Science laboratory
  • Drinking water facility
  • Other necessary utilities as needed based on location
  • Make sure that the surrounding is attractive. There must be stimulating environments available where children can play and engage in various extra-curricular activities.
  • Try to design the layout of the school based on available space, to accommodate various needs, number of children that can be accommodated and various other factors as suggested by the teachers.
  • Size of the classroom should be sufficient so that number of students planned can easily make movement and their seating arrangement can be done properly.

  • Size of the office, library, staff room, common room must be planned well so that it should not crowd the place and hinder the movements of the students or teachers.
  • Make sure that entrance of the school must have sufficient spaces available that there should not be any crowd near the entry
  • Provision must be available for parking of vehicles so that during parent-teachers meet the school area is not crowded.

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