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How to Prevent Damage Due to Water During Construction?

When the construction activities are going on, there is extensive use of water and therefore there is a possibility of damage due to improper use of water during construction.

Therefore, the contractor who is responsible for construction must not only get his construction site insured but also take personal attention to prevent such damage. That is because considerable amount of damage can take place in his business too.

Also, it will be a good idea to contact a disaster expert and try to understand what are the various loop holes present in the construction site, which can create water damage problem?

There are a number of ways these water losses can be easily prevented which will also reduce any kind of construction defects too. By preventive water damage, plenty of expensive repairs can be avoided which can also delay the construction project activities.

Therefore, it is essential that one should be not only aware of various water damages that can take place and also take necessary steps to prevent such damages before, during and also after the construction.

Following are few steps to prevent water damages that can take place which every contractor must be aware of.

  • During pre-construction stage

Before the actual construction process starts, it is essential to evaluate various sources of water that will be provided to the construction site and the drainage system through which extra water will be drained out from the site.

Also, it is essential to find proper storage place for materials that are likely to get damaged due to water.

  • During construction process

While construction is in progress, it is essential to check all the quality norms that have been set for the construction are properly followed and there must be regular inspection of the site to determine any water leakage.

A dedicated team must be formed whose responsibility should be focused to see various activities are going on in a proper manner.

  • During testing

After the construction of the roof, it will be important to test water leakages, which must be done with the help of any expert. Roofs must be kept free from any debris which can often block the water flow.

Besides water testing also one must ensure that all the fire-protection systems are in order and working properly.

  • During post-construction stage

After the construction process is completed a dedicated team must be available to see if any misuse of water takes place at the site.

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