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The Top Industries Where Hydraulics Are Extensively Used.

It’s likely that you don’t think about it too much but here in Australia, we are surrounded by hydraulic machinery and equipment every single day. They are used in just about every aspect of our typical day and they impact our lives in very positive ways. Life would be so much harder without hydraulics and it would only be if we didn’t have them, that we would learn to appreciate how important that they really are. Many people wrongfully assume that hydraulics are only used in the manufacturing and heavy equipment industry and they are constantly surprised to learn that many other industries use hydraulic systems as well.

For hydraulics to work properly, you need a hydraulic power unit supply to make everything work because pressure cannot be applied using a liquid if there is no power there to drive it in the first place. We use hydraulics in so many different applications on a very continual basis and when you go up five floors to your office in the morning then you should know that hydraulics are moving your lift up and down through the floors. When you get home from work on the evenings and you decide to put on a wash, your washing machine is also using hydraulics as well.

Now that you are aware that hydraulics surround us everywhere, the following are just some of the top industries where hydraulics are used extensively every single day.

  • In the construction industry – Large building contractors wouldn’t be able to do many of the things that they do on large building contracts if they didn’t have hydraulic systems made available to them. They use large pieces of plant and machinery to lift essential building products and they use various machines to take and to push and to pull. If we didn’t have hydraulic machinery then it would take many more people to do something that one machine could do all by itself.
  • In the agricultural sector – As the population of Australia continues to grow every single year, it increases the demand for food and so we rely heavily on the agricultural industry to provide this for us. Imagine if you would if we didn’t have any hydraulic machinery to help to cultivate the ground, to plant the crops and then to harvest them in again. We would have massive food shortages and so this is why agricultural hydraulic machines are used all the time.
  • For our entertainment – If you like going to your local amusement park or a water park on the weekends with your family members then these places couldn’t happen without the use of hydraulics. Those were rides that you love so much and that big ferris wheel that you love to ride around on with your partner could not operate without the use of hydraulics systems.

These are only three industries where hydraulics are used and there are numerous more. Hydraulics are the things that move your car from home to work every single day and the brakes that stop you when you need to avoid an accident. All of our energy needs including water and electricity rely on hydraulics to turn the turbines to generate both water and power.

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