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How the Best Australian-Made Spoon Drain is a Perfect Way to Prevent Erosion

Excessive rainfall is a common occurrence here in Australia and that can lead to soil erosion, which weakens building foundations and land can be lost in extreme situations. This means we all have a duty to do what we can to prevent soil erosion and there is one effective way to do that; namely spoon drains.

What is a spoon drain?

A spoon drain catches excess water and channels it to a drainage system, which prevents the water from draining into the ground. The drain is heavy-duty and can withstand anything the elements might throw at it, which could potentially save you thousands of dollars. The drains are armour-lined, which means they are not impacted by the environment, lasting for decades, if not longer.

Eco-friendly drainage

This is the eco-friendly way of dealing with excess water and if you would like to learn more about spoon drains, search online for a leading Australian company that specialises in spoon drainage. They would send a technician who can design the perfect drain for your needs. Of course, each drain would be unique and designed around the land it services. Those who decide that buying from a company with the best product also have the satisfaction that they are ordering an environmentally friendly product, as it is made using recycled materials. This has a far lower carbon footprint than other concrete-made erosion control drains offered by its competitors. This is ideal for assisting companies that are looking to meet their sustainability targets, such as local governments and green companies.

Fast and reliable installation

Up to 1000m of drain can be installed in a single day and with a dedicated team onsite, you can expect your project to be completed on schedule. The engineer would ensure that you are familiar with how the drainage system works, including essential maintenance tasks that have to be carried out. Soil erosion is a huge problem in some parts of the country and long-term solutions need to be found; this is the motivation behind the development of spoon drainage systems.

Built to last

Australian property owners can benefit from buying a spoon drain from an experienced company, which are made of concrete and are built to last a lifetime. The system allows for more use of the land knowing that it is fully protected, which in turn, leads to an increase in its value. The expected lifespan of 100+ years in vegetative applications, or over half a century in non-vegetative areas. The innovative product requires very little maintenance once installed, proving to be further excellent value for money. If you would like more details about spoon drainage systems to prevent soil erosion, start with a Google search to find an Australian company that offers such a product. Arrange an appointment for an engineer to visit your site, where you can discuss the many options and he can quote an all-inclusive price for your project.

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