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Stainless Steel Manufacturing Process

Many companies who are involved in construction and also product manufacturing will always rely heavily on stainless steel, in order to deliver both finished and unfinished products for different metal fabrication projects.

There are many applications of stainless- steel supply Houston which includes building and roofing, automobile components, equipment for bulk material handling, chemical processing plants, shipbuilding and water supply piping etc.

In the manufacturing and construction industries, stainless steel can be one of the main choices of material because of following advantages that it can offer.

  • High-strength and also ductility capabilities
  • Low maintenance
  • Excellent resistance offered to corrosion
  • Benefits of life cycle costing
  • Excellent properties for high and low-temperatures
  • 100% recyclable
  • Non-magnetic
  • Aesthetic surface finish
  • Resistance offered to unsightly staining

Following are few things about manufacturing process in order to do stainless steel production, that you must know:

  • Raw materials sourcing

The main raw material for stainless steel is iron core and few other earth elements like chromium, nickel, silicon, nitrogen, carbon and manganese and carbon.

The properties and also overall quality of final stainless steel will be decided by varying the percentage of all these.

  •  Melting and casting

The entire raw materials will be melted by using huge electric furnace and the materials will be exposed to the heat for few hours. After it is melted then it will be casted in rectangular, round, slab or rod forms.

  • Forming

The semi-finished product obtains so far will be subjected to various forming operations in order to create the product as required by different applications. This process can either be hot rolling or cold rolling process.

  • Heat treatment

Another critical process is heat treatment which is also called annealing. In this process both heating and cooling is involved under controlled conditions so that it can help in reducing internal stresses and also can further soften stainless steel.

  • Descaling

During the above process lots of scaling is formed and build up over surface of the product which needs to be removed. There are number of operations involved in order to descale the finished products.

  • Cutting

After the above process stainless steel need to be cut to the standard size of pieces. There are number of mechanical methods applied in order to cut the products as per the required sizes.

  • Finishing

Finally, the necessary surface finish needs to be given to the end product. There are few standard methods available to provide shining finish to stainless steel manufactured.

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