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Home Renovation – How to Care for Your home

Having a room or even a floor as a blank canvas where you can let your creative juices flow is a pleasure that most people rarely get to experience. There are so many things to consider when planning interior decoration after a renovation. Once the builders have finished and it is time to get to work on the interior, make sure you give careful consideration to the following points:

  • What will the colour scheme be? Will the walls be the same colour throughout each room or floor? Maybe you want a plain colour on three of the walls, such as a dark, metallic grey, then you want a bright colour like a dirty orange on the main wall that guests see while eating.
  • What style of furniture do you require? This will depend much on your budget. Furniture can be expensive, especially pieces made from hardwoods like teak, mahogany and oak. The type of furniture will depend much on your style as a person. What’s your jam? Antique? Modern? Minimalistic?

Maybe you are considering replacing your roof to make it more modern and update the materials. If so, you should consider researching asbestos roof removal in Perth to make sure your roof is safe to work on.

Many people these days are opting for a more open-plan concept by removing walls to create more space. If you are knocking down walls or buildings built between 1930-1980, it is worth ensuring that asbestos is not present before committing to any private construction work. Remember, asbestos is dangerous and can cause cancer if breathed in. If you even suspect that asbestos may be in your building, leave it to the professionals.

A Kitchen to Die For

If you don’t think the kitchen is the heart of the home, then you don’t understand good food! Kitchens are the cornerstone of civilization. They are where we practice our vast array of social idiosyncrasies as humans.

The top things to think about when planning a new kitchen are:

Storage: You really can’t get enough. I don’t think people often complain about too much storage space. Having ample places to keep your growing army of kitchen utensils and cooking equipment is an awesome feeling

Cooking equipment – ask yourself questions such as: How many cooking hobs do you need? Do you need an oven? What about a deep fat fryer?

Worktop space – again, it is hard to overestimate the importance of having enough space to move in a kitchen. Being able to spread your wings makes a budding chef feel that little bit more special.

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