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Create the Perfect Living Space with Knock Down & Rebuild

If you are living in a Bangkok suburb and the old family home has seen better days, you might be considering selling up and looking for a new property, yet if you love the location, there is a better solution. Demolish the existing house and design your ideal living space, which is called a ‘knock down and rebuild’ in the construction industry.

The Knock Down

Find the right builder and this will not be an issue; they can safely take down the structure and responsibly recycle all of the old building materials, and after some groundwork, you are ready for the new building. Check out this amazing three-storey house plan (known as แบบแปลนบ้านสามชั้น in Thai) from a leading custom builder in Thailand with many leading projects and home designs, all at affordable prices.

The New Home Design

Search online for a custom house builder with many years’ experience in knock down and rebuilding and they would have a diverse set of house design templates, plus you can visit previous projects and view the houses. If you would like to learn more about modern home design, a Google search will bring up a list of leading custom builders and you can browse websites and make an enquiry.

Visit Completed Projects

The only way to really experience a house design is to visit a completed project, which the builder can easily arrange, then you can appreciate the layout and picture how this would look on your plot of land.

Planning Permission

Of course, rebuilding means obtaining planning permission; something the builder can handle, as they have hands-on experience dealing with the Land Office and once everything is approved, the construction can commence.

One Stop Solution

The modern builder is a lot more than a builder and they can oversee the removal of an existing building and replace it with a custom build and they handle every aspect of the project, from initial survey to the final handover of the keys. The builder would have an in-house design team to ensure that the new build perfectly meets your requirements and they are happy to take their time on the design stage

Return on your Investment

When you invest in a knock down and rebuild project, the value of the land and the new house will give you a healthy return on your investment. There are entrepreneurs who buy an old property and hire a custom builder to carry out a knock down and rebuild, making a good profit when they sell and if your home leaves a lot to be desired, why not talk to the modern custom builder? No need to leave the community that you love, simply demolish the old property and replace it with your dream living space, thanks to the custom builder, who has all the solutions.

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