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3 Tried and Proven Ways of Improving Your SEO Ranks like a Pro

  1. Improve your dwell time

Dwell Time could be a ranking factor. If someone bounces from one page to another, then it means that people dislike that page. And then once Google gets a hold of this, they will quickly downrank it. Low dwell time is tantamount to lower rankings. And the contrary is true as well. When you lower the bounce rate, it can raise your Google rankings. In order to prevent people from bouncing, you can embed videos on your page, suggests a good SEO company in Singapore.

  1. Find low competition keywords with the help of ghost post

Almost every keyword competition scores are way off as they only focus on a single metric called the backlinks. First page ranking is determined on the basis of organic click through rate, search intent page and how well your website works on mobile devices. You can also use Ghost Posting. It is an easier way to find low competition keywords.

  1. Content partnerships

Content partnerships make content promotion as twice as powerful. When publishing something on your website, you can gain a lot of leads to your posts. Single author content always has a limited reach. But you are only the sole person or company, hence your reach is limited. But when you partner with another brand or company, you can work on new content, more leads and more social shares.

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